How to Search

We've coded our images with keywords. You can type a keyword in the search box found in the top menu or on this page anytime.   All Search Fields work the same way.  You can search for combinations of words as shown below:

To Search for one word, type it in the box to the right and click the SEARCH button

Example:    mammoth     To see images in or around Mammoth

To Search for multiple words where all are required,  type words with a plus sign + in front of each word,

Example:  +mammoth +lakes    To see images of lakes in mammoth

To Search for multiple words, any one required,   type words without plus signs in front

Example:   mammoth  lakes      To see all images of Mammoth and all images of any Lake

To Search for multiple words, in a specific order,    type words with quotation marks around them to find exact phrases,

Example:  "National Parks"     To see all National Parks images without seeing those of any Park

To exclude a word use the minus sign,

Example:   +mammoth -lakes   To see images of Mammoth without Lakes

Not finding what you're looking for? We have lots of images, and not all of them on the site, so drop us a note in the contact form to the right and we'll respond ASAP.  



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